Recycling and Sustainability

All OX products and practices keep our longstanding tradition of a strong focus on environmental responsibility front and center.  Our commitment to the environment includes an emphasis on sustainable business practices.

OX Recycling Center at 331 Maple Avenue in Hanover, PA is open Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm.

All types of paper products are accepted including: magazines, newspapers, phone books, junk mail, office paper, shredded paper, brown paper bags, non-metallic wrapping paper, corrugated cardboard boxes, paperboard boxes (such as cereal and food boxes), and books. No amount is too large or small for us to handle!

Ox Paper Tube & Core, Inc. is partnered with Ox Paperboard, LLC who is one of the leading producers of 100% recycled paperboard. The mill located in Halltown, West Virginia began making paper in 1869 and today manufactures some of the highest quality recycled paperboard products in the industry.

With nearly 145 years of environmental stewardship, Ox Paperboard is one of the cleanest operating facilities in the industry and continues to produce the highest quality products with the greatest value to our customers. Currently, Ox Paperboard recycles 105,000 tons of paper each year. This is equal to 367,500 cubic yards saved from landfills annually. In addition, 17 trees per ton are saved which equates to 1.7 million trees saved every year.

Ox Paperboard, LLC specializes in different grades of tube and core board, can separator sheets, laminated board, bending chip and rigid set up box grades, Ox Paperboard is a supplier to many niche industries.

Longstanding tradition of environmental responsibility

100% recyclable materials